Leech Lake Fishing

Leech Lake Fishing

For many years, Leech Lake has built a reputation as one of the finest fishing lakes in the midwest.

Pairing scenery, location, and a diverse and healthy fishery, the lake boasts a growing population of walleye, as well as huge musky, crappie, bluegill, perch & largemouth bass.

All-Weather Fishing

Don't let the wind keep you on shore!

Hiawatha Beach Resort is located on the quiet north shore of Steamboat Bay, with many points and small bays, which offers calm water fishing in almost any type of weather.

Walleye Population

DNR says the walleye population is on the upswing!

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has documented that Leech Lake produced very large walleye hatches back-to-back in 1994 & 1995. According to the DNR, when this happens, excellent walleye angling always follows.

The 2008 Department of Natural Resources fishing report states that, " The 2005 and 2006 year classes of walleye are large and are the primary source of near-record high gillnet catch rates and improved fishing quality in Leech Lake. These fish have been and should continue to provide quality fishing in Leech Lake. The abundance of mature females in Leech Lake is also at a record high, which translates to an increased capacity for a self-sustaining walleye fishery."

MN State Record Fish

These fish were caught in a variety of lakes in the last 50 yrs.

  • Largemouth Bass - 8lb.-15oz.
  • Bluegill - 2lb.-13oz.
  • Black Crappie - 5lb
  • Muskellunge - 54lb
  • Northern Pike- 45lb.-12oz.
  • Walleye - 17lb.-8oz.
  • Perch - 3lb.4oz.

Spring Walleye Fishing

Leech Lake Fishing

Of the 112,000 acre Leech Lake, Steamboat Bay is the first bay to lose its ice. The rising water temperatures are advancing the walleye life cycle. The recovery period is over, the Minnesota fishing season has just opened and the walleyes are "aggressive" on the east shore of Steamboat Bay. Experience the east shore for spring walleye fishing at its finest!

Off Our Docks

Kids will enjoy trying to catch sunnies and perch off our docks. In the spring it is possible to catch walleyes.

Eelpout Fishing

Leech is noted for its large and abundant eelpout. This freshwater cod is targeted in winter during their spawning period. Fish in the 7- to 10- pound range are considered average.

Leech Lake is home to the only international eel pout festival in the nation. Come witness the village that forms on the ice as Walker Bay is lit up with thousands of fish houses. The festival is complete with polar plunge, food, snowmobile and auto races, and a mutlitude of vendors. Held just across the lake on the second weekend in February. --http://www.eelpoutfestival.com/

Jumbo Perch Fishing

Find out why many 'locals' prefer to eat this easy-to-catch fish!

Want to take the kid's fihing? There's no better species to go for. Rent a pontoon boat, pack a picnic, and fill up with yummy perch!

Deluxe Fishing Boats

Leech Lake Fishing

Fishing out of one of these boats is probably an unfair advantage!

These boat come with depth finders, GPS, live wells, new 2012 Mercury motors, and cushy seats! Why not fish in style this year?

Ice Fishing Pacakages

We offer fish house rentals. Try your hand at catching perch and walleyes through the ice! Our packages also include lodge room rental.

Great Summer Fishing

Leech Lake has been known for its fishing for many years, but the present and future are what's more important-- Minnesota's DNR reports an increasing walleye population in the lake!

Musky Fishing Touney

Leech Lake Fishing

Twin Cities Muskies Inc. puts on the world's largest muskie tournament each fall. It takes place on 21 designated lakes over 3 days. Take a look at what the top 10 anglers caught and where they caught them! Out of the 21 lakes fished in the tournament, 5 of the top 10 contestants caught their muskies on Leech Lake. Leech Lake rules for musky!